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How to do your company name registration in The Netherlands


So, you made the decision: you will set up a company in The Netherlands. One of the things you will want to consider, is to do a company name registration.

You have this great name outside the Netherlands, but can you use it here?


company name registration


First of all, you like to know whether someone is not already using your business name (or ‘handelsnaam’ as we call it). In the Dutch trade register, basically the first-come-first-serve principal counts. There are a couple of pointers we can give you when registering your trade name:


  1. Say it like it is: do not understate (you never would) or overstate (well…) your business by using names suggesting your business is different or bigger from what it actually is
  2. Do not use trade names or brand names of other companies. It only confuses people. Not to say upsets the trade name holder
  3. You can only use the following punctuation marks: @ & + -. All others are prohibited
  4. Let’s not confuse your name with that of others that are already registered. It can get confusing if there is:
    • A resemblance in name
    • A resemblance in activities
    • An overlap in business activities
  5. There is this language thing in Dutch: please bear in mind that in the Netherlands we are used to names in Dutch and English. Occasionally, names that sound perfectly alright in your home country can have an adverse or even funny ring to it in Dutch. Making your name the laughing stock of our nation. You do not want that for your company or product. This is a tough one. Just contact us with your idea for a company name and we’ll help you out.

So, how to do your company name registration in the Netherlands?

Step 1. Check if your intended name is a trade mark

Is your intended business name a trademark or brand in the Netherlands? You can check if your intended company name is a brand in the Netherlands by going to the site of the Benelux Trademark register (English).

Step 2. Check if your company name is an internet domain name

You may like to avoid that since we are sure you want to register your own .nl domain.Find out at the site of the SIDN

Step 3. Check if someone is already using your company name

Find out at the Dutch trade register. Scroll down to a box called ‘Controleer uw bedrijfsnaam’ (check your company name). It will show a list of registered companies that (part of) your name in their business name. If not: you’re good to go!

Step 4. Decide on the legal form for your company

Check which legal form is most suitable for your Dutch endeavours. We have worked out the most common options for you on our page Company Registration

Step 5. Do it!

We take care of your paperwork. If you checked out the Chamber of Commerce site, you can see all the registrations and checks can be time consuming. We are entrepreneurs too, so we know back-office stuff can be tedious. Coincidentally, straightening out your back-office is our main goal.

Need more information or assistance in getting your company name registered? All you have to do is ask!


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