If you are thinking of starting a business in the Netherlands: good choice! First thing you need to have is your company registration. Doing business in and from the Netherlands is a great way to take your first steps in Europe. Here is how we help.

Checked out our information pages on Company Registration already?

You may like to familiarize yourself with how the process of forming a Dutch entity actually works. We wrote a couple of articles for you to help you understand what a company registration is all about. Just click on the links below:

So, now you’ve read all you need to know, what are we going to do for you?

We will guide you through the full process from the first fee quote request, completion of the incorporation questionnaire, up to the finalisation of the articles of association of your new Dutch legal entity. We will maintain all contact with the Duch notary and you throughout this process. We make sure that you are informed of every step of the way.

You continue what you are doing, we take care of your new Dutch BV.

You are interested in setting up a Dutch BV?

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